• “Encounter Turkey tours were amazing! The meticulous planning, knowledgeable guides, and fantastic accommodations made our trip an unforgettable experience. We experienced a perfect blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Highly recommend!” – Amanda and Peter, NY, USA

  • “We were amazed by the rich cultural experiences offered on our tour with Encounter Turkey. The traditional music, food, and hospitality of locals was heartwarming, and the historical sites were truly awe-inspiring. They organized a seamless and memorable trip for us!” – Raj, New Delhi, India

  • Incredible Turkish Adventure!
    “Encounter Turkey tour delivered the trip of a lifetime! We saw breathtaking landscapes, ancient ruins, and vibrant bazaars. The team was professional and friendly, making out trip stress-free. We can’t thank them enough for the memories!” – Margaret, Perth, Australia

  • Best travel team!
    “The team at Encounter Turkey not only showed us the mainstream historic sites, but also the secret gems of Turkey which made us fall in love with the country. Thanks to them, we had an awesome time exploring Turkey, we can’t wait to plan our next trip with them!” – Juan and Maria, Madrid, Spain

  • Wonderful Family Vacation!
    “We had a superb family vacation with Encounter Turkey. Our kids enjoyed all the activities arranged by the team, especially the hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia! The trip was educational and fun at the same time. A big thanks to the wonderful team!” – Julia, Ontario, Canada

  • “From the moment we landed in Turkey, to the day we left, every single detail was taken care of by the Encounter Turkey team. They provided unbeatable service, and we felt like VIPs throughout our trip! Thank you for making our Turkey tour unforgettable!” – Tom, London, UK

Great Value for Money!

  • Hi, Chevy,
    Here are some comments on our experience with Encounter Tours. It was a good trip, just what I was looking for, but not without some problems.
    · our outing in Zagori on 9/27 was excellent. Your itinerary described a half-day of “light hiking and panoramic driving.” I was hoping it would be longer. Our guide/driver, Apostoles, told us straight off that it would take about 6 hours, and it did. We visited several villages, even going inside one old house. We stopped to see several stone bridges. And we had a good one-hour hike to a good viewpoint over the gorge. It was just what I had hoped for.
    · our pickup for the rafting trip was 1.5 hours late. He had a flat tire on the way to our hotel. After we waited for a half hour, the driver contacted the hotel who told us he would be late. The rafting trip was fun despite our fears. Our guide took pictures, but he did not have a GoPro camera and the pictures are disappointing.
    · our transfer from Zagori to Thessaloniki via Meteora was fine. The driver showed up at 9:00, but you had told us to expect him at 9:30. We were able to leave with him at 9:15.
    · On 9/30 we had a walking tour of Thessaloniki. Your itinerary described this as a “half-day introductory walking tour.” On 9/28 you sent me an email describing it as a “two-hour walking tour.” Our guide thought we had a two-hour deadline, which we did not. She stayed with us for almost 3 hours. I would have liked a little more time. Your itinerary said we would be able to sample bougatsa, but we did not. I forgot to ask, and the guide didn’t mention it.
    · The Mt. Athos cruise on 10/1 worked out well. I am glad you were able to rearrange it when the original cruise plan didn’t work out. The weather was not good. The sky was heavily clouded. It was raining lightly when we started. The rain stopped and it got brighter, and we could see some of the monasteries clearly, but neither the sun nor Mt. Athos showed itself. The cruise ended almost an hour late. I was glad our transfer back to Thessaloniki was still waiting for us.
    · You emailed me to say that our 10/2 transfer to the Thessaloniki airport would arrive at 7:00. He did not arrive until 7:10. He said he was told to pick us up at 7:10. We worried frantically during those 10 minutes, not being sure how long we could wait.
    · It would have helped a lot if you gave us local contact numbers, so we knew who to call if a driver was late, or there was some other problem.
    · When and how are you going to refund the cost we paid for the Mt. Athos cruise? At this time says that 20 euros are equivalent to US$23.115. 2 x $23.115 = $46.23. The receipt for my payment is attached.
    Thanks again for your help.

  • “I enjoyed every moment of my tour with Encounter Turkey. The itinerary was well planned, the food was excellent, accommodations comfortable, and the services were top-notch – all at a very reasonable price. I’d definitely recommend Encounter Turkey to my family and friends!” – Mark, Sydney, Australia

Hello Chevy

I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for your outstanding hospitality on my recent famil to your beautiful country! All aspects of my stay were perfect! All of the guides, Medat, Borak, Ersin and Selim were very thorough and had a high level of expertise and knowledge. My driver Ersan, has a great personality and his customer service was second to none! Thank you once again, and I trust our already established excellent business relationship, will continue.

Kind Regards

Mark Yeo
General Manager

  • Dear Chevy

I wanted you to know we are having a wonderful time. Better than I hoped. Tomorrow we venture to Kardemena everyone in the hotel we have chatted with has taken on the cause of try to help my husband find his family. It truly is beyond my wildest expectations. Maybe we will have a homecoming to report!! I am trying already how to plan to get our kids here next year!

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  • Hi Chevy
    We are home and after a nights sleep and seeing my mom-it was her birthday and she is in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s Disease. Also seeing our children. All I can say is WOW!
    I loved Kos. My husband and I needed this vacation. You did an incredible job! I appreciate everything you did and all my crazy emails you answered. Also how quick you fix the plane ticket error. Thank was great.
    Whe Kripritiotis Panorama was great. We loved the staff. The food from the outside restaurants was wonderful. They could use some help with their WiFi.
    We figured out the transportation system on Kos. While as I mentioned Harry’s father was born on the island in 1917 it was under Italian rule. Our last name has been spelt with a d at the end instead of a t. We had told some of the hotel staff about our journey and why we were there They were rooting for us to find family it really made us feel great. We went to Kardemena. While some locals wouldn’t help we were blessed along the way. One older woman really helped us. To make our long story short after many hours and no luck. My husband thought of the town hall we found it and the gentleman there listening to our story ask our name and he turned out to be Harry’s 2nd cousin same last name spelled with a t. He connected us to Harry’s 1st cousin. Nickos Diamantis – he owns an echo gas station and is security for the Blue Dome it looked like we would never meet as it is the busy season. We ate lunch at a place where the woman had been watching us walk for several hours. When we talked she was emotional over our story. She asked the waiter who went to school with Nickos ‘s son. He said the gas station was close. So we had 40 minutes before the bus left for Kos town. We walked and met Nickos’s wife. Then Her mom drove like crazy to the Blue Dome and there Harry met his first cousin on his father’s side. He really has never met another relative on his fathers side. Tears of joy. If only it wasn’t the busy season. Then needle in the haystack. We would love to go back to Kardemena. I loved Kos. This is Harry (on the right ) and Nickos. Also Harry and I. Thank you very much for everything. Keep in touch. All the best. Lisa Diamandis.
    Ps. Petros and Tassos were great. The gentleman who picked us up in Athens who was not Petros or Tassos- He was incredible. All the drivers in Athens were wonderful they sold the city. In Kos very quite which is fine.
    But the Athens drivers- when Harry fell asleep I went out on a big walk by my self. If it was earlier I would have made it to the Acropolis!!!

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Please send your reviews, feed backs, suggestions, and complaints to