Best of Eastern Turkey 12 day tour

Uncover Turkey’s Ancient Wonders on an Enchanting 12-Day Private tour to Mt Nemrut, Urfa, Mardin, Midyat, Diyarbakir, Van, DoguBeyazit, Mt. Ararat, Kars & Ani

Travel into the rich historical and cultural heritage, discover hidden cave dwellings, ancient ruins, vibrant bazaars, and stunning architectural marvels, savor traditional cuisine, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

* All accommodation, meals, admissions, transfers, guiding and logistics, flight tickets back to Istanbul included
* Option to customize is available.

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Tour Program

Day 1 – Traveling to Mt. Nemrut – Adiyaman – (D) 
Flight from Istanbul to Adiyaman.
Arrival, meet up with your guide,  continue on to Mt. Nemrut
Mt. Nemrut National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its stunning statues and ancient tomb-sanctuaries.
Trek to the summit of Mount Nemrut to witness the colossal stone heads of kings and the breathtaking sunset over the surrounding landscape.

After our visit, drive to the hotel, check in
Dinner at the hotel &  Overnight in Adıyaman City. 

Day 2 – Traveling to Urfa – (B/L/D) 
After breakfast, depart on a scenic drive along the Ataturk Dam, then further South down to  Sanlıurfa, also known as Urfa.
Enjoy lunch upon arrival,  check into the hotel, free time to rest and resfreshing. 

Afternoon meet up again and continue our tour on visiting the historic and religious sites of Urfa, such as the Pool of Sacred Fish (Balıklıgöl), the ancient cave of Abraham (Rizvaniye Mosque), and the birthplace of Prophet Abraham (Cave of Abraham).

Explore the vibrant and bustling Urfa Bazaar, where you can experience the local culture and way of life of the locals.

Dinner at the hotel &  Overnight in Urfa. 

Day 3 – Exploring Harran & Gobekli Tepe – (B/L/D)
Breakfast at the hotel
Meet  and start the day visiting  Harran, an ancient city famous for its beehive-shaped houses and historical ruins, located about 40 kilometers south of Urfa.

Explore the well-preserved ruins of Harran, including the impressive city walls, the ancient university, and the iconic beehive houses.
Lunch at a local restaurant.

Afternoon visiting the Göbekli Tepe, one of the oldest known human-made structures.

Dinner at the hotel &  Overnight in Urfa.

Day 4 – Urfa – Mardin – Midyat – (B/L/D) 
Breakfast at the hotel (07 to 09 am)
Depart from Urfa on a scenic 2 hour 30 minute drive to Mardin, Upon arrival, will explore Mardin 

Your tour will start by visiting the Old City of Mardin, a UNESCO World Heritage site that is known for its traditional architecture, narrow streets, and maze-like alleyways. The Old City is perched atop a hill that overlooks the Mesopotamian plains and offers some of the most stunning views in the region.

We will then go on another 1-hour drive to our destination for the day. 

Check in and rest of the day at leisure. 

Dinner at the hotel.

Overnight in Midyat. 

Day 5 – Exploring Midyat & Hasan-Keyf then onto Diyarbakir – (B/L/D)
Breakfast at the hotel (07 to 09 am)
Start your tour in Midyat, a town renowned for its magnificent stonework and diverse religious heritage. Take a stroll through the Old City and marvel at the beautifully crafted houses made of yellow limestone. Explore the streets lined with shops selling traditional silver jewelry, handmade textiles, and intricate wood carvings.

Visit the Mor Gabriel Monastery, an ancient Syriac Orthodox monastery that dates back to the 5th century. 

Next, travel to Hasankeyf, a historic town situated on the banks of the Tigris River. 

Visit the ancient ruins of the Hasankeyf Castle, which overlooks the town and offers panoramic views of the river and surrounding landscape.

Keep in mind that the tour duration may vary depending on the time you choose to spend at each location. 

After visiting these Sites, another 2 hour drive up to Diyarbakir
Arrival, check into our hotel

Dinner at the hotel. 

Overnight in Diyarbakir.

Day 6 – Diyarbakir City tour– (B/L/D)
Breakfast at the hotel (07 to 09 am)
9:00 AM – Start your day by touring the Diyarbakir Fortress, also known as the Hevsel Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The fortress is a massive structure and one of the most famous landmarks of the city. The fortress walls are well-preserved and offer stunning views of the city.

Stroll through the colorful and bustling bazaar located near the Great Mosque. The bazaar is full of vibrant textiles, handmade jewelry, and intricate ceramics, perfect for a traditional souvenir.

Enjoy a traditional lunch in one of the local restaurants, taste the famous lamb tandoori 

Explore the ancient city walls located near the Diyarbakir Citadel. The walls date back to Roman times and are well-preserved.

Enjoy a traditional lunch in one of the local restaurants, taste the famous lamb tandoori (Kapıkaya Taşı Kebab)

Rest of the afternoon & evening at leisure.

Overnight in Diyarbakir.

Day 7 – Traveling to Van – (B/D)
Breakfast at the hotel
09:30 am depart from Diyarbakir on a scenic drive North East to the city of Van
Arrival in Van, check into your hotel, rest of day at leisure

With its historical treasures, natural wonders, and welcoming atmosphere, Van is a city that offers a truly enriching and unforgettable experience for all who visit.

Dinner at the hotel 

Overnight in Van. 

Day 8 – Exploring Van – (B/L/D)
Breakfast at the hotel
Meet up and start your day by visiting Van Castle, an ancient fortress dating back to the Urartian civilization. Explore its well-preserved walls and towers and enjoy panoramic views of the city and Lake Van from the castle’s vantage point.

After the museum, take a leisurely stroll along the lakeside promenade, enjoying the refreshing breeze and picturesque views of Lake Van. 

You can stop by one of the cafes or tea houses to savor a traditional Turkish tea while taking in the scenery.

Lunch at a local restaurant, where you can sample Van’s famous cuisine and try “kaymak,” a local cheese dish, and “katmer,” a flaky pastry filled with various ingredients.

After lunch, visit the Armenian Church of the Holy Cross on Akdamar Island

Take a boat ride to the island and explore the stunning 10th-century church adorned with intricate stone carvings. 

Enjoy the tranquility of the island and soak in the beauty of Lake Van.

Head back to the mainland and visit the Fish Market, where you can witness the vibrant atmosphere of locals buying and selling fresh catches of the day.

Dinner at the hotel 

Overnight in Van.

Day 9 – Traveling to Dogubeyazit – (B/L/D)
Breakfast at the hotel
Depart from Van and head towards Dogubeyazit, a town located near the Iranian border, known for its historical sites.

Visit the Ishak Pasha Palace, an architectural masterpiece that combines Persian, Ottoman, and Armenian influences.

Explore the legendary Crater Lake, also known as Noah’s Ark, located on Mount Ararat. 

Take in the mystical landscapes and enjoy a lunch in nature.

Check into a hotel in Dogubeyazit for an overnight stay.

Day 10 – Traveling to Kars – (B/L/D)
Breakfast at the hotel
In the morning, depart from Dogubeyazit and make your way to Kars, a city rich in history and culture.

Visit the imposing Kars Castle, offering panoramic views of the city.

Explore the Church of the Holy Apostles, an Armenian church dating back to the 10th century.

Discover the Kars Museum, home to a collection of artifacts and artwork depicting the region’s history.

Enjoy a traditional dinner in Kars, savoring local delicacies.

Check into a hotel in Kars for an overnight stay.

Day 11  – Visiting Ani Ruins and Overnight in Kars – (B/L/D)
Breakfast at the hotel
Take a day trip from Kars to the ruins of Ani, a medieval Armenian city that was once a bustling center of trade and culture.

Marvel at the ancient churches, city walls, and other architectural remnants that still stand today.

Return to Kars in the afternoon and spend some leisure time exploring the city or visiting local bazaars for shopping.

Enjoy a farewell dinner at the hotel 

Overnight in Kars. 

Day 12 – Final Departure – (B)
Breakfast at the hotel 
Transfer to Diyarbakir Airport for your flight to Istanbul. 

Arriving in Istanbul will mark the end of this tour.

Program ends


From $….. US Dollars per person
Contact us with your travel dates & number of guest, to get accurate price information

* Hotel accommodation in centrally located hotels
* All land transfers with comfortable vehicles
* All of the meals mentioned in the itinerary (B-breakfast, L-lunch & D-dinner)
* Professional, English-speaking tour guides
* Admissions to the ancient sites and museums during the tour
* Domestic flight tickets from Istanbul to Adiyaman
* Domestic flight tickets from Kars to Istanbul
* All the fuel, toll roads, parking fees during all the transfers
* All taxes and service charges

* Tips
* Personal Expenses
* Travel Insurance

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